Bulk Email Server in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida Ghaziabad

Bulk Email Server in faridabad,Delhi,Noida,gurgaon,ghaziabad
Bulk Email Server VPS

An Instant and constant touch with your customer using phone is not so easily viable and providing huge amount of information in seconds using phone is almost difficult for both the parties . Email Market has emerged as a great solution where a user can send mass emails, bulk mailing, promotional mailing opt-in subscribers, promotional emailing to mass list and generate responses. Using Bulk Email Server one can easily send thousands of mails in few hours of time . The technology behind mass mails is SMTP Server which is actually SMTP IP or a server IP address used to send mails without affecting the actual website

General FAQs
WHY to use Bulk Email Service?
The moment you have large list of users to whom you need to keep informing about your company updates, information or other related material then sending the same from your shared hosting is very unsafe as it will lead to blacklisting of your website in Google.

Do I get replacement of IPs?
You can buy more IPs @ USD 6 per IP (Clean IPs) but replacement of IP would not be possible.

Do I get Root Server of my VPS?
Yes, as you are buying VPS you get complete access to your VPS and you can manage everything at your end.

Can you rotate IPs?
We can set IP rotation for you using cron so every 10+ minutes interval your IPs will rotate.

Can I create multiple domains in my VPS?
Yes you can create multiple domains in your VPS. We do not restrict our users for creating any limits for domains in VPS.

What is SPF / RDNS or DKIM . DO it help in avoiding spams?
SPF is Sender Policy Framework created by http://www.openspf.org/SPF_Record_Syntax which detects that a mail is spam or normal . DKIM is Domainkeys Identified mail which is used to trust a mail identity for safe delivery.
PTR is Reverse DNS Lookup which determines that a domain name is associated with the given IP. All these things are required and used by many mailing system to properly transit an email. We do help you in setting all these things for your domain name easily.

Do we provide Guarantee Inbox Delivery?
The sender can not determines that an email will go to inbox or spam. It is detected by the recipient mail server only, we can help you our best to have all the necessary settings done rest is the recipient server detections.

What all is included in VPS:
Cpanel to manage domain and WHM to manage Servers
CSF Firewall
Clam AV Antivirus
24 x 7 Support
Spam Assain
Webmail Access : Horde
Fully Managed
Compatible with all Websites
100% Dedicated Resources Using KVM
99.99% Uotime
Root Access
Free Migration of Server
Cron Settings
SSH Access
DNS Management

How to send mail with less chances of Spam?
Content delivery plays a vital role in sending an email. As per the latest algorithm of Gmail if you are sending same subject and content email to multiple non opt in users then there is huge chance of your email / domain / server ip getting blacklisted in multiple servers.

Follow below policies for better Inbox chances:
Use text and HTML both content
Use unsubscribe link in your mailer as a part of your mailer
Instead of using just an image, make a complete mailer like a HTML page which will attract a user as well as goes professional
Not to use images from Free Image Hosting websites
Change your content and subject line often to avoid reaching thousands of user with same content and then landing into spamming