Windows Web hosting Faridabad, Delhi, Noida Ghaziabad

Windows Hosting appropriate for all those who are planning to have a website in , C#. Microsoft Development tools has always been seen as a faster GUI Development kit and liked by many programmer that is why despite the high licensing cost comparison to Linux , the windows users are increasing day by day.

All our Windows Hosting comes with Website Panel with latest versions. User can choose which version is required and the same is updated very quickly.

So if you are looking for fast Servers with Good Configurations and 24 x7 Support . Select a pack given above.

Can downgrade of version possible?
You can select from website panel which version of is required by you and can be done quick.

My Website is showing suspended? What is the reason?
A Website in shared hosting can be suspended due to numerous reasons like over usage, malware infected. We do our best not to get any domain suspended. Still if your domains are suspended kindly open a ticket at our Support Panel.

I want to try your services . Can I get a trial and do I have to pay for it?
You can absolutely go for a trial for 7 days at no cost. Just Register and Open a Ticket for the same.

Can I host PHP an MYSQL in this server?
Yes in windows server you can host PHP , MYSQL,, SQL Serer altogether. We have all support in this panel . However, JSP is still not supported on this server. For that you have to go for Java Hosting.

What are your Server configuration?
All our Servers are XEON 2.4 Ghz and above 4- 30 Core CPU, upto 5 TB HDD, 16 -96 GB RAM. Every Server is connected with secondary hard drive taking weekly and monthly backups . However backups are not part of service still we take the same to avoid disasters. It is important that customer should keep Backups or opt for Daily / Weekly Remote Backup Services to have a mirror of there websites.

What if my site is showing some kind of error?
We understand sometimes it will happen that your website which is running perfectly fine in local server will not run perfect in web server being the inference engine and other configuration in Web Server are lot difference. For this you can always write to our Support and we will tell you way out to solve the issue.