Windows VPS in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida Ghaziabad

Windows VPS in faridabad,Delhi,Noida,gurgaon,ghaziabad

High Speed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Proper Load balancing , Complete Server Rights, Application Installation, Self Management or need of using RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) make the need of a Virtual Private Server which become impossible in Shared Hosting Environment .

VPS (Virtual Private Servers ) are Virtualization of Dedicated Servers where those web users who are not able to bear high cost of dedicated servers can go for VPS and get complete root access of server.

Server Features:

1 Host Unlimited Domains
2 Web based Management
3 Admin Access for Installing Software
4 100 Mbps Connection
5 Self Management
6 Free Windows 2008 R2 (Default) or Free Windows 2012 R2
7 Smart Tools License included with some of VPS plans where SmartMail 12.x Pro  (250 users) , Smarter Track 10.x Pro(2 Agent), SmarterStats 8.x Pro (50 Sites)

Main Node (Host) Server Configuration:

1 Windows Hyper V
2 Dual Xeon 16 Cores
3 36-72 GB Ram
4 Pure SSD HDD


1 Website panel Intall - Setup Cost 40 USD with No Monthly Fees
2 Extra IP : USD 3/IP
3 Plesk VPS Unlimited Domains License : USD 18 per month
4 Server Full Management : USD 50 per month

What is VPS and why would I need?
VPS (Virtual Private Server) , A private desert island on a larger Dedicated Server. A VPS provides you full control of a server contains an operating system and provides you the root access .In other words we can say that VPS runs its own copy of an OS (Operating System). It is equivalent to dedicated server, instead of signing up for a heavily priced dedicated server, VPS gives you the web server without sharing the software and this means you have the complete root control to your server. Get all power and control in your hand by buying a VPS in a very less cost.

How much a VPS account takes setup time?

Your order will be queued to our setup queue as soon as your payment is approved by our payment gateway. Maximum it takes 24-48 hours to deliver a VPS after payment approval however it can done within 8-10 hours minimum as well and it may take little time if there are few more orders in the queue or it is a weekend.

Do you offer any special offer or discounts?

We release special offers related to our product on homepage and product page .you can also check our mailers which we keep on send every 2 days in a week .

What is your email support id and contact number to contact ?
Our support email id is and contact number is +91-9999-0290-51
What is the backup process of my VPS ?
Customer is responsible for taking up the backup of their VPS,If you want we should take a backup for your service it will cost you separately

What type of payment gateways are available?
We accept payments through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Paypal, bank transfer, cheques and cash payment.

Are you providing any trial period or money back guarantee?
We do not offer any trial period as its a server ,we cant provide root access without paying any security or some partial amount and we don't provide money back guarantee ,the billing goes monthly, semi-annually if you are unsatisfied with the service or any reason you don't wish to continue you can cancel the service.